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My first attempt at making honeycomb was a disaster. I ended up with something that resembled sugary plasticine. I was determined to try it again and get it right so last night I got out a big pan and the sugar thermometer and concentrated!

I followed James Martin's recipe which meant boiling 400g caster sugar, 2 tablespoons of glucose, 100ml of honey and 100ml of water to 160'C. It was at this point that I realised that on my last attempt I had looked at the wrong side of the thermometer and only boiled the sugar to 160'F. Doh!

When the sugar had reached 160'C I added one and a half teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. At this stage my husband showed some interest and stepped in to whisk the mixture quickly. The sugar mixture instantly frothed up and he then poured it onto a greased baking sheet. It was looking good so I made another batch. This time we acted quicker when mixing in the bicarbonate of soda and tipping the mixture out of the pan and the result was even better and bubblier!

I bagged up the honeycomb and took it to work for the firm's charity christmas bake sale and it went in a flash! I got about 20 bags from doubling the recipe. The honeycomb is really tasty and has a stronger honey flavour than a crunchie. It would be great covered in chocolate though!