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I had some leftover fondant icing (sugarpaste) that I needed to use up so I decided to try my hand at making mini fondant covered cakes. I had seen pictures of petite and pretty cakes in cake decorating books and wondered if I could make anything that came close. I made a simple round sponge cake, cut it into three layers and used a cookie cutter to cut out circles of sponge. I sandwiched the little towers together with buttercream and raspberry jam and gave them a rough crumb coat of buttercream to help the fondant stick. After chilling the cakes in the fridge I moved on to the tricky part…

Covering the mini cakes with fondant icing wasn’t easy… it was fiddly and the finish was a bit bumpy and uneven not to mention the fact that the cakes were leaning a bit to one side or the other! They didn’t quite resemble the gorgeous glossy images in the books! Decorating them was good fun though – even if I used what I thought was a flower shaped cutter only to later realise it was probably meant to be a snowflake cutter! But practice makes perfect I suppose and I will keep practicing as these make lovely gifts. Oh and they tasted good too!