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I haven't blogged for ages… because my real life little bun in the oven arrived on 13 May! She, Sophia, is my best bake ever! The iPad keeps me occupied and awake during these long nights so I am doing this quick post with baby on my lap! I made these little carrot cakes a few days before Sophia was born as a birthday treat for my friend Helen. I used Rachel Allen's recipe for the carrot cake (I have blogged this recipe In a previous post for carrot cake cupcakes) and made a normal sized sponge and then, once baked, I cut out small rounds using a cutter. I then layered the mini sponges with Primrose Bakery's cream cheese buttercream. To pretty up the cakes I made some fondant roses which were really simple to make. I only had half an hour to make the roses so they're not brilliant but still effective. Here is a link to a tutorial on fondant roses…


Not sure when I will next get a chance to bake but looking forward to it!